I Am So That Guy.

Boyfriend and I opened a storage unit for my mom and I and we made the 85-mile trip with our first load tonight. There were several things that could have gone differently.

First, I had to be up at 4:00 this morning and needed a nap after work. I napped until almost 4:00.

Second, nothing had been loaded into the truck while I was napping and it took more than two hours to get everything on-board.

Third, we were transporting the bearded dragon to my sister's house and lizards need lots of heat. I do not do well with high temperatures (with the MS my vision goes all wonky and lots of other things just get worse) and for most of the trip I could not turn on the air conditioning. It was a toasty day, at least 85 degrees and muggy as all get out (humidity is almost as bad as heat). I finally told my brother that the lizard wouldn't die if she was cold for a little bit but that he might die if I couldn't see while driving. That shut him up.

Fourth, when I plugged the address for the Pub1ic 5torage into my GPS, it directed me to a different location. The correct place was two blocks away.

Fifth, we got to the storage place with only 30 minutes before we would be stuck for the night, and the P5 locks were still on the roll-down door and the office had closed two and a half hours earlier.

I called Boyfriend to see if he had any ideas, but he didn't know what to do. He ended up calling the P5 property manager (one of his friends) and asking for a big favor. The property manager came down specifically to remove the locks. I am now forever in his debt.

Anyway, it's 11:00 and we've been working on the moving for five hours and I've been awake for 19 hours. We're at Sister's house and I'm thinking I'll just crash for the night.

I still don't have much done in the way of packing my own shit, but I figure the three days I have left should be enough. Here's hoping!

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good luck in moving!